Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back again. Quite a weekend. Five hours worth of driving from Connecticut to Maine. Was just a little bit stressful. Took a couple days to relax, take stock of stuff.

In all it wasn't a bad trip. I really need to get down to Haddam more often. It's beautiful there.

Something happened that really bothered me. I think I noted it last year. Don't know. It's something that really sort of steeps the environment up in Maine. The notion of academia as the family business. Anyhow, while at the table during Thanksgiving dinner, they had the 'who has a PhD' roll call. At the end of all this, it was pointed out to a fair bit of laughter that the only two people at the table who didn't have graduate degrees were me and the three year old. It was then mentioned that I had to go and remedy this.
I didn't get it out properly, but what I wanted to say was, as it took me more than five years and about $15k more than I'd expected to get the bachelor's sorted out, I was not anxious to go back and get myself in debt by at least three times that amount. It's also extremely difficult to take time out of work to go to school when you have other loans and high rent to pay.

My thinking of the costs vs the payoffs may seem a bit vulgar perhaps, but, hey, pragmatism perhaps hasn't always been a characteristic of the upper classes. I guess I'll just keep that along with the table manners and the love of jello. If I get mocked for it, so be it.

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