Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Carol Adams's "Sexual Politics of Meat"

Get a load of this doozy.

When I heard the 'tune' by those crazy guys on the left coast 'Consolidated,' (who da thunk it that hip hop could be made to sound like a Sociology 101 textbook), I actually thought that they were kidding. Turns out that there is someone out there peddling this schtick. On the academic circuit, no less. Wow, I'm in the wrong line of work.

On a more serious note, being an animal lover, former vegetarian and female in this male dominated society, I don't know whether to laugh what passes for 'intellectualism' here, to pity the author, or to really be burned up about this. I wonder if this is where PETA is getting ideas from for their latest ad campaigns:

"An Immaculate Conception"

Lapsed Catholic that I am, I find this image/campaign to be incredibly offensive. Of course, since it's Christian imagery, it's fair game.

Would anyone care to explain to me the modern origins of this fetishizing of animals? Does it have to do with cartoons we watched as kids? Does it have to do with our society in the last 50 years keeping people in a prolonged state of childhood? This stuff does not seem like the product of any sort of mature thinking. Rather more like adolescent, emotional rantings.

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