Thursday, November 20, 2003

What a pain in the neck! Literally!
Well, and figuratively speaking, too.
Okay. I've been living in my apartment for about 21/2 years now. Before then, I was someplace else for a year and a half. That makes roughly four years that I've not turned the TV on to sack out in front of after work. Just ain't my thing, normally. Tonight: cold, rainy. I'm completely beat. All I wanted to do was to sit in front of the boob with my "Pride and Prejudice" videos for a couple hours while knitting. I get through the first tape just dandy like. The second one goes in and all hell breaks loose.

No Satisfaction.

Hal says that I need to probably get a new VCR. I've only had the thing for maybe 9-10 years. Come on! My pots and pans are close to fifty years old, my mixer is around forty. My darn piano was born before and has outlived both my grandmothers. And the blessed VCR decides to give up the freaking ghost after so short a time.

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