Monday, November 24, 2003

Trying to decide whether or not I want to get a cable modem, one of those souped-up dedicated phone lines, or to keep my current pokey slow service. I'm also trying to decide whether or not I want to cut down on my cell phone plan or to even get rid of the blessed thing altogether. While I'm at it, maybe I should balance my retirement plan 'portfolio,' as well. All this stuff that needs tinkering with!

Had a decent weekend. Was outside a fair bit on Saturday. Got to take a nice walk on Sunday. Discovered Trader Joe's Creme Brulees. My word, they are heavenly! And you get to keep the ceramic crocks they come in, as well.

Now, just tired, dealing with the in between pre and post menstrual syndrome. Want to go home but don't feel like wandering in the dark. Sigh.

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