Thursday, November 13, 2003

Last week, I heard talk about a bad poll in a local newspaper. The reader was outraged by what she perceived to be 'conservative bias by corporate media.' I guess if you are living off a daily diet of NPR, Democracy Today and the BBC, that would be your view. I think it should be said, though, what is being called 'truth' is only a preferred media product.
Anyhow, she was going on about how the 'truth' is being kept with us, that things are much worse than the 'corporate media' would lead us to believe. I don't know about that.

I bring this up because there is a great article in the Spectator (British Paper) regarding the origins of 'fact checking' an obviously biased and incorrect article. This is called "Fisking" after the Independent's Robert Fisk:

"The Dangers of Fisking"

Truth is in the eye of the beholder, no matter how blinded by irrational emotion he or she may be. It's just frightening to see this sort of stuff under the guise of 'fair and unbiased' news gathering.

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