Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I am really pleased to hear about this bit:

MA Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

If one holds out and allows this to be a states' rights issue, then it stands a greater chance than trying to push it on the federal level. Pragmatism on a more grass roots level winning out over trying to 'win the hearts and minds' of whomever the folks on the federal level have as bedfellows in order to be where they are.

On the ideals front: I am a very strong proponent of what you could call "family values." I know that this flies in the face of the post modern/statist 'truism' that the family is the root of societal problems and that it should be abandoned as a relic of the nostalgic past:

Left Realist Criminology (last paragraph)

My view is that what defines a family should be and is evolving. Slowly, of course, but surely. Some of the stonger, more stable, loving relationships I've seen have been between gay partners. I cannot understand why anyone would logically punish them for this love, and give priority to breeders who marry, divorce and marry agaion. Or to those who feel free to serially get 'into trouble' and end up breeding on the state's dollar.
But that's me. I have other funny views, as well. You may have figured that out.

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