Friday, February 02, 2018

Turd Purrguson.

So, I was sitting here knitting away, minding my own business, when I heard first hissing, then The Charge of the Light Brigade, followed by a loud *crash.* Turned around and saw that, during their wrestling match, the black and gray angels ripped the curtains down from the front window.
Not just the curtains, mind you, but the rod and the fixtures, too. Now, if this had happened in the back of the house, would have left repairs until the morning. As it was in the front and we face the now glass enclosed hospital emergency waiting area, figured I'd jury rig something so that we'd not be offering up an all night peep show.
While I was doing my split on the cat tree and sofa back, trying to get the curtain rod to balance without the fixture, felt two sets of eyes on me: Black Cat's baleful glare and the Gray Boy's Turd Purrguson look. I call it the Turd Purrguson look, because the only other creature I've ever seen do as good an impression of Burt Reynolds in the Cannonball Run aside from my cat is Norm MacDonald. It's more than a little bit unsettling.
By the way: I can't believe this sketch is nearly 20 years old; as many times as I've seen it, never ceases to amuse. Interesting, too, is that it's one of the rare scenes where Will Ferrell plays the Straight Man.

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