Saturday, February 03, 2018

As bemusing as it is to see "Game Day" become another merchandising holiday along the lines of Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc, I will admit to appreciating the sales. Since the local grocery store had, among other things, avocados at a ridiculous price, gave in and took a distribution on my 403(b) to stock up.

Sitting here, gazing at my pile of Green Gold, cannot help but feel like I beat the system ... not unlike an investor in Bitcoin, or Precious Metals. I'm thinking of my avocados as having Intrinsic Value, like what the guy on the radio commercial says about gold. Unlike gold, however, their value isn't immutable. I'm going to have to figure out a way to store/use these things that have a habit of turning to compost all at once.

Love my green smoothies and guacamole. Could live on avocado toast. Not crazy about the eggs baked in the half-fruit that was all the rage on the internet a while back. Read somewhere that they could be used to make a particularly rich chocolate cake.

Any other recommendations / recipes would be welcome, along with storage tips.  

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