Monday, February 26, 2018

Mating Season?

I'm a middle-aged woman, hewing pretty closely to the stereotypical image, at least in appearances, maybe, of the ladies of my area.  As such, such banter is rare for me to encounter, especially in this day and age.  Still:  Spring was in the Monday Afternoon Air, and it Felt Good.

Anyway, had been craving a veggie sandwich on (hopefully) sourdough; ended up with a very nice baguette instead.  Along with a beautifully ripe avocado, a good-smelling tomato, some cheese and carrots to grate up, a small luxury jar of cornichons, a can of garbanzos in case hummus might be necessary.  Stood in line with my purchases, when, suddenly, an older gentleman* stepped in line in front of me.

Me - ...

Gentleman:  "Sorry.  I forgot my wallet.  Need to pay, you know."

Me - ... "(slow:  very tired, and, funnily enough, when I find someone attractive looking I get tongue tied).  *Mumble* - I forget my wallet all the time.  My keys, too."

Gentleman gets his item rung up.  "Oh Wow!"  It was one cabbage - granted, an organic, hand raised, grass-fed cabbage.  Still:  it cost $8+.  "That's okay.  I can afford it.  Life is Good.  I am looking forward to my cabbage."

Me - deadpan - "Brassicas are worth their weight in gold, sir."

Gentleman - "I'm sorry?  What did you just say?"

Me - "Brassicas are worth their weight in gold, Sir."

Gentleman - "What?  What?  What do you mean?"

Me - "Brassicas, you know:  Cabbages, broccoli, cau-lee-flower.  Kale."

Gentleman - "Yes, yes, I know, but:  how does a young woman like you know such a word?  You must be very, very intelligent.  You are young, And Smart!  For knowing such a big word."

Me - "Brassica is a relatively short word (gesture an inch with my thumb and forefinger).  I know longer ones than that."

Gentleman -  "So young and so intelligent !"  (He kept repeating this!  It was weird!)  Started telling me about the cooperative he managed for years, and about, how one could go to the market and find cabbages of the same size for $.35.

Me - "Wholesale, I'm assuming.  At the market in Chelsea?  Of course they'd be less expensive.  You've got an organic / hand nurtured one from a Cambridge retail establishment.  Give it a couple weeks, though, and you'll see the prices go down on conventional ones."

Gentleman - looking at me directly, now. "Or for free.  In my garden. ... again ... how does such a woman know such a word?  You haven't told me."

Me - ....  "I like to eat them.  (Folks in line were getting restless).  Thank you, Sir, and enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.  Also:  enjoy that lovely example of Cruciferous Gold."

Housemate said he liked the "Cruciferous Gold" touch.  Determined that the fellow wasn't so much chatting me up as expressing surprise at my being not so dumb as I look.  

* Older for me.  I'm a relatively well-preserved woman in her late-mid 40s.  He was somewhere between mid 50s / 60s.

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