Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's amazing how lives can change, how people can be reborn or lost in a matter of seconds. My brain still hasn't caught up with the events of the past few days.

On Sunday, I got the word from my dad that me (ex) sister-in-law had killed herself and that my brother had disappeared. According to the police, a note she left stated that my brother and she had some sort of suicide pact. It didn't feel as though my little brother'd killed himself (believe me, you can feel these things) to anyone, so we held out hope.

Today, got the call from my mother that the police did indeed find my brother. However, a car chase ensued, my brother went over a guard rail, and apparently, (according to the police), he's currently in the hospital with head trauma. The severity and scope of his injuries are unknown to us, as the hospital won't divulge this information, even to next of kin.

At least my mother, perhaps my mother and father both will be heading out to Denver over the next couple days to see what's what.

I'm praying for a soul to finally be at peace, and for the best possible outcome in the other's situation. If you're up for that sort of thing, I'm sure that Kauri and Patrick could use your good thoughts as well.


Nick said...

Oh Lord... I'm so sorry Bev. I hope he recovers, and that the family can do something to help him get over whatever has caused this.

And be well yourself... I hope your France trip brings the respit you need.

CMB said...

***hugs*** my best to your brother, and I hope you're able to recharge your batteries in Fre-ance.

Unknown said...

I always think of France as a healing place. My girlfriend Liz was living in Paris, and I was visiting, when her dad passed from ALS many many years ago. Seek solace in your cher ami and that lovely place! Tanti bacioni cara!!!!

Be said...

Hey guys, thanks. Unfortunately things keep getting weirder and weirder (not to mention worse).

Am getting a lot done here, though, and eating decently, so that's something.

Not looking forward to coming back.