Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Prayer was my practice, sacrificing my law,
The day of worship of the gods the joy of my heart,
The day of devotion to the goddess more to me than riches;
What, however, seems good to oneself, to a god is displeasing,
What is spurned by oneself finds favor with a god;
Who is there that can grasp the will of the gods in heaven?
The plan of a god is full of mystery - who can understand it?
How can mortals learn the way of a god?"

An excerpt from a psalm that I need to make a few guesses about for my first Western Civilization class paper. (Where is the quote from?, What time period?, History of that culture, Most important contribution of said culture.)

All of this must be based on what we've read in class so far. No outside sources.

Interesting bit of forensic work, no? I'm really enjoying the class.

(By the way, you can google it if you want, but don't send any links back to me. I want to keep the magic of the mystery, work things out myself, enjoy the challenge.)

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