Friday, October 03, 2008

Since we were in Porter for dinner tonight, decided to take a walk around North Cambridge before hitting Stah for some staples and packing it in for the night. Passed by a little boutique whose pretty paper lamps perched on graceful stems beckoned to us. (Will have to investigate further, as it appears they give lessons on this apparently traditional Korean art form.)


jo said...

Every time I drove to CSCA over in Porter I would pass that place. I have always wanted one of those lamps. They are really so beautiful. I have a weakness for lighting.

Be said...

Interestingly enough, so have I. I've a particular fondness for Aladdin lamps.

Have you been by that light fixture restorer with the Art Nouveau neon design around the front door? I was drooling over chandeliers there as well (just didn't feel like writing about it).

Am seriously thinking of taking the paper craft class, as I have time on my hands and the materials costs aren't unreasonable.