Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taking Flight.

A Heron at La Bagatelle. Hidden behind a waterfall in a small grotto, we witnessed a great blue heron land, then graze. The Frenchie tells me that he's never seen a heron in the city, much less at such close range (at about 10 yards from us). How ironic that, after several years of not visiting this garden, my friend finds himself passing through several times in the past week due to the train strikes.

I apologize for my irregular posting; it's certainly not due to a lack of interesting happenings in my life. (Far from it!)

The bulk of my time at the moment is taken up with trying to get myself through a very writing-intensive course unscathed. The rest is tied up in work and doctors' appointments.

Anyway, for Thanksgiving, I'm actually staying on this side of the Atlantic, although not in New England. As was the case last year, I'm heading out to adoptive family in the Garden State. Mamasan's coming along with me, as he's been under the weather and I'm a bit worried about him. Something tells me that this might be my last holiday with him. We'll see.

Hopefully when I get back, I'll have a bit more time to spend in the smaller pursuits. So much has been going on (*so much!*) and I really feel the need to talk about it.

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