Monday, November 26, 2007

Back Again.

Overstuffed turkey Be inflicting the dreaded Genie Dance on overstuffed turkey Antonio...what kitties will submit to for love.

The drive to NJ wasn't bad, though we did hit huge patches of fog the likes of which I've only seen Downeast. Dinner was the traditional one for thirteen, to which I contributed a pecan pie and a pumpkin-raisin-walnut bread. (The pumpkin was this year's jack o lantern. The walnuts came courtesy of a tree in Powderhouse park.) The weather was about as nice as it could get this time of year, so we got some good walks in, as well as the NJ Black Friday Mall Experience.

Saturday saw us at the Princeton Art Gallery, home of a happy Pasta Eater, a black Madonna, about the gayest St. Sebastian I've seen to date and yet another riff on the St. Francis Stigmata theme.

In all, a great weekend. More later, as I've got some other writing to do.

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