Friday, November 09, 2007

Back again

from a short trip across the Atlantic.

Paris as seen from the train station at Puteaux

My feelings about France will always be ambivalent. The time I spent there in school was pretty intense, and I did get to see the worst of both the government bureaucracy and the medical system. On the other hand, I learned that intrinsically French weirdness syncs well with American (or at least my own) weirdness.

Between the extortionate and ever-rising cost of living, problems with immigration, the EU constitution, and the shenanigans of the current administration, there's a lot to worry about. Being more of a provincial person, I'm not sure that I even like how much time I've been spending in and around the capital, either. However, after years of denying myself, I have to accept that I'm drawn to the place. Don't what causes this. I only know that my vibration, though not in unison with the place's, harmonizes well.

Returning to Boston was really tough this time around.

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