Friday, September 08, 2006

Onward, To Buffalo

three sisters

A small souvenir of Aunt Jeannette's Russian adventure, some 30 years ago. The poem? Roughly translated: "three young women gazing out the window spinning their flaxen thred." Family signifigance? To honor the bond between three sisters - three powerful, outspoken, true to their viking origins sisters. As a child, I would bring it out of its hiding place in Grandma Double-vey's hutch, tracing the raised letters covetously. Now it hangs on my "wall of fame," the kitchen trivet display.

Off to Buffalo for a few days to fête the birthday of Aunt Jeannette, who turns 90 on Saturday. As much as returning to the Heimatstadt stirs up conflicting emotions in me, I'd not miss this shindig for the world.

More when I get back. Until then, enjoy your weekends!

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Pablo said...

Hey Be! I finally Googled the transliteration of those words (I don't know how to type Cyrillic) and finally found the source of the verse. It's a tale that was told in verse by Pushkin and later as an opera by Rimsky-Korsakov.