Friday, September 01, 2006

Not this again.

How much more guilt money is "the west" supposed to hand over now? And why isn't anyone asking for money from Riyadh since they came, enslaved and colonized way before the Evil West ever did?

As for the whole slave thing: why is it that two countries that still have more or less government-sanctioned slavery are on this continent and nowhere else? How is this our fault? Last I read, it was westerners (Think Enlightenment era principles and evolved Christian thought) who came up with the notion of slavery as an evil, rather than any from the victims' side of things. What am I missing here?

(Guess I'd feel a little more likely to ignore this outburst if I knew what the speaker's view was on her country's spending habits and how much that little misunderstanding with Eritrea's got to have cost them by now. As for Mugabe and Zimbabwe? Let's not go there.)

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