Thursday, September 21, 2006


Cauchemar is French for Nightmare. The two terms are closely related, too:

couche = sleep; mar = horse/mare.

The shared etymology can be traced back to the myth of Tristan and Iseult: Le Roi Marc was the older man that Iseut was sent to marry; Tristan was her protector on the voyage. Marc was reputed to be ugly and horse-faced, hence the term nightmare/cauchemar for ugly things that come in the night.

I had three nightmares on Monday night, none that I could remember on Tuesday night (though I woke up with a clenched jaw) and one that I could remember last night. This tells me that perhaps a few things need to be changed or are lacking right now. What comes to mind? Perhaps:

1.) more time with the shrink
2.) a new bed
3.) a new job
4.) hope
5.) a goal or future to work towards
6.) to not eat marinated mushroom pizza an hour before bedtime

This sounds a bit like an action plan. Maybe I should treat it as such.

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