Thursday, September 18, 2003

Yet another day of acting as the Cog in the Wheel down the tubes. Got home last night before sunset anyway. Felt really down and out. Decided that I needed to do some gardening. After about five minutes of deadheading marigolds, I was accosted by one of my new neighbors (tenants ousted from the area where they're constructing the new CVS).
After he decided that I wasn't a 'good neighbor,' Templeton, as I will call him, decided to pay a visit to my neighbor across the street. At least I'm assuming that from the sound of a scream and of something crashing onto the pavement.

Went back indoors to vegetate for a moment or two. I never seem to veg for more than that. Too much energy. Decided that I needed not just physical or mental exercise, but both together. Went through the milkcrate under my desk and the inside of my piano bench to see if there was anything playable at my current level of technic (I've forgotten more than I've learned, I think). Picked out a collection of Chopin Preludes & Etudes, some shorter works by Brahms, a Debussy collection and some easier works by Beethoven. Dusted off my Easy and Progressive Exercises by Czerny and all the volumes of Mikrokosmos and set to work. I managed to get through the Beethoven op 49 #1 with essentially two run throughs and about 2/3 of the way through the second Mikrokosmos book. Not a bad start, but I've a long ways to go.

I was hoping to find my book of early 20th century pieces put out by Baerenreiter. I think I lost it in a move. It's too bad, because there were a couple fun pieces in it by Hindemith and a nice atmospheric one (lots of pedal!) by Britten. If any of you sees a copy of it kicking around - grab it for me. It's got a sort of German Expressionist-looking cover to it and is called quite simply, 20th Century Piano Music. Baerenreiter Verlag. Won't have all my markings or fingerings - but we can't have everything.

Just about finished up the Joan McGowan angora thong I started knitting. Turquoise. Jingle bells. Apparently she used to be a designer for Fredericks. Love her stuff. Was inspired to buy her other two lingerie patterns:

White Lies Designs

I've something to look forward to in the mail, now.

WHRB was on a roll last night!

Harvard Radio

Heard a rocking recording of William Walton's "Balthazar's Feast" followed by another Swedish Nationalist composer who was not Hugo Alfven. Solo piano work. Sigh, a girl can dream. First easy Beethoven. Then Les Six again, then the Ginastera sonata. By then, I'll have tracked down the Enigmatic Swede.

Raphaella's home again. I thanked her for her generosity in tomatoes. I wonder if she realizes how many people she's made happy with them.

That's about it for now. I've more paper to push and numbers to massage. After that, more thought on the mayoral campaign, though I think I have a good idea as to my choice. Maybe I'll look to see if he needs any volunteers.

"that's Curta-tone, Bev. Curta-tone."

Oh yes, and I need to not buy water or batteries, as Isabel (poor, misunderstood Isabel!)'s slated to not arrive tonight or tomorrow sometime. Hmm. Maybe I'll not tape my windows as well.

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