Sunday, September 14, 2003

What a nice weekend. I thought I might pick apples. I thought I might climb a mountain. Was much less out and about than that, which was good. I have been sooo tired of late. Just tromped around the neighborhood, cooked, rested.

Cooking's been a joy lately. I've finally gotten it together to enjoy nature's better late than never bounty. Raphaella gave me a bag of tomatoes. Little oval shaped 'plum' ones. One night, for an unexpected dinner guest, I made a bruschetta of this little windfall. Just chopped one up and mixed it with a bit of tuna and all manner of fins herbes from my garden. Tarragon, oregano, two kinds of thyme, rosmary. It's so nice to have a kitchen garden.
Tonight, for dinner, it was a few stalks of chives and handful of mint thrown into the romaine for a salad that really made us pay attention to what we were eating. You couldn't not notice it.

Visited the Tufts Art Center yesterday afternoon. Had wondered what they had by way of gallery space there. Was sort of disappointed, as they are Tufts, after all. And they give out an MFA in collaboration with the Museum School, for crying out loud. Oh well.

Today, just quiet. Got a visit from one of the mayoral candidates this afternoon. Okay, buddy. You're cute. You know it, I know it. You mentor kids. Where do you stand on the issues, like redeveloping the assembly square mall or closing harrington due to budget cuts? I need to figure this all out before the 23rd.

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