Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tentative Takeoff.

The first sparrow fledgling of the season paid a visit to the yew yesterday. This morning, we saw at least three perched on branches taking in data and begging. Early evening, one little dope flew smack into the kitchen window, bounced off and managed to gain a foothold on one of the dead branches. Shook the kinks out of its head, then immediately started flapping its wings and begging from a house finch.


Marcia said...

We had a family of wrens nest in a bookcase in the garage. Our garage door doesn't close tightly so mom and dad just hopped under it (bird limbo!). Momma laid about 6 eggs; all hatched and in 20 days all fledged. They've left us and it is so dull now without them!

Jo said...

We have a pair of Robin's build a nest this year on the top of the fence hidden under an umbrella of wisteria. I hope to get some pictures, but i don't want to spook anyone.

Be said...

Went across the street to mail a letter yesterday and got too close to one mockingbird's nest. Heard the babies whistling away; didn't think much about it until Dad clipped me.