Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yesterday was such an awful day. Had a headache most of the day, couldn't think straight. Needed to eat, but couldn't as I felt sick to my stomach. It's always like this when a low pressure system blows through.

Today, much better. Granted it's gray, chilly and wet out, but my mind is much clearer and I'm not in nearly as much pain as yesterday. Also was woken up for the first time this year by an early mockingbird. (3:45 am, the b@stard.)

What's on the today's plate:

-Lots and lots of schoolwork. I'm kind of (very) behind and really need to get my behind in gear in order to make a respectable showing by mid-May.
-Lunch with Pablo (birthday treat).
-Maybe bread baking in between writing assignments.

That's probably just enough to keep me off the streets.


Jo said...

You know, i get all excited when I hear the mockingbirds back and for the first month or two I look forward to hearing the song as they travel up and down the street to sing at EVERY house. Then by month three I'm all SHUT UP ALREADY.
Just be happy you don't have a wren. Nothing and I mean NOTHING sings louder than that teeny tiny bird.
I've seen him at the feeders, I know the whole girlfriend call will begin soon and it goes on ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY until he finds his girl.

Be said...

That's funny about the wren! Back left side of the house, I have a family of cardinals. Front left side, there are iays. I like the cardinal song, but the jays drive me nuts!

Right front of my house is the starling's territory. He hasn't tried to dive bomb me like the mockingbird used to when he was The Enforcer there, but he does get pretty upset with my presence when I'm gardening. I like his warning cry.

The mockingbird appears to have moved across the street. I see him in neighbor to the right's drainage gutter sometimes. Other times, he's perched on top of the telephone pole in front of their house.

I was only annoyed with the bird because I didn't get a good night's sleep before. Would rather hear them than not.