Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Winter Garden to Spring, III

The three little strawberry plants I bought two years ago quickly turned into over fifty. I culled out maybe two dozen, then planted everything else in two buckets at the side of my house. Last Spring, they were early and enthusiastic risers. However, they never bloomed. What could I have done wrong? I fertilized them, made sure that they had plenty of sun, water, CO2 in the form of sweet-talk...

These guys showed up early again (maybe in late February/early March?). As one can see, they're a bit knocked around by the frost. That aside, they certainly appear to be thriving in the strong, direct sunlight of late March/early May. Any suggestions as to how to care for them so that I might get some fruit this year?

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Marcia said...

This may be late.... But Marie swears by just leaving them alone - in weeds, no fertilizer, nada. Ours have migrated across the yard and are now covered with blossoms. Didn't like where I originally planted them!
I'm not getting any housework done this am!!!!