Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm sad to have had to do it, but the roommate needed to go. Stuff got so bad that I was sleeping and showering with the doors locked. Waking hours were spent either at the library or locked in my room. This was not worth the scant 1/2 rent and no utilities that she contributed.

Asked her to leave last Monday and she moved out on Saturday. Got everything I needed returned returned. Have no idea where she is, what she's doing, what to do with her mail. All I know is that my home, which was hijacked for a couple months now, is slowly returning to me.

Talked to Mrs. Landlord yesterday about how weird I was feeling and how I was only just understanding how much stress the roommate put me through. (Still can't sleep through the night, for example. The night after she left, I almost wet the bed. Only had that happen once before: 9/12/01.) Mrs. Landlord told me to be patient and to just enjoy having my space back.

Again, I feel really badly about all this. Old roommate was a troubled, very intelligent person trying to get back on her feet. I wish things didn't have to end the way they did. Need to take care of myself, though (and I guess that's what I'm doing).

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