Thursday, March 27, 2008

Speaking of eye makeup -

Generally, I clothe myself to cover my nakedness rather than to make a statement. My hairstyle is chosen for minimal fuss (any more than five minutes combined shower/styling is too much). Never bothered with learning how to wear makeup as early attempts resulted in my looking like a clown.

Nonetheless, this article from November's Real Simple intrigued me. What would I have to lose aside from maybe $10-$12 in supplies and maybe 10 minutes of my time for trying?

Surprisingly enough, I loved the look. Loved the definition to my eyes and lips. Really appreciated how the concealer made me look less tired. As an added bonus, the now regular three-minute morning ritual makes me feel as though I'm truly "putting my best face forward."

Have since purchased a bit of eye shadow for days when I want to look really gussied up, but don't think I'll ever go for blush or foundation. Too much like warpaint, those last two.

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