Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I got a chance to laugh at the antics of my favorite gold-digger, Lorelei Lee; part of the fun, of course, being the fact that she is such a caricature.

Unfortunately, the real-life Loreleis (and there are plenty of them running around), tend to ruin it for the rest of who operate on good faith, so I tend not to be as amused by them. I'm even less amused (though not surprised) by a major women's magazine providing tips at gift-giving time on how to be the best gold-digger possible.


nappy40 said...

I just linked to this.

I was reading the post on Dr helen and it reminded me of a certain someone. He used to buy me stuff all the time, but never stuff I wanted or needed. Just stuff that he could brag about to others. One of our last conversations with each other he complained, "I could never please you! I'd buy you things and they were never enough!" You see, I was never enthusiastic when receiving the presents so his response was to spend more money. It was ridiculous. And manipulative.

I hate Christmas.

Be said...

Christmas IS tough, as it's always been a game of one-upmanship, I think, on one side of my family. My mother used to buy useless crud to make everything equal $$$ wise between my brother and me, too, as she wanted to prove her love was equal, or something.

Many men, I think, tend to equate self-worth with income, just like women equate theirs with looks. Like Lorelei Lee said - marrying a man with money's like marrying a pretty girl: it's not the first thing you might be thinking of, but it sure does help.

Anyway, I've noted how being treated by males money-wise has really affected how I view gift-giving, and I don't like it. I've been so trained to see accepting a dinner or a gift as gold-digger-like that I really can't get pleasure out of either.

This (along with my not hating the current president) is something that the bonafide Socialist in my life is trying to reeducate me on.


Maybe soon-to-come Christmases will be better for you. I hope they will.

nappy40 said...

I think they will.

Be said...

Well, I'm thinking good thoughts for you on that.

Just noted: what is it, another three weeks until the Other Big Day?