Saturday, December 09, 2006

I didn't appreciate being jerked out of sleep by the fluttering heart, the racing thoughts, the cold sweat this morning. Wandered around the house for a bit, took a drink of water, then tried to settle me down to meditate for a bit. The heart kept racing, though, and the thoughts kept flooding through the cracks in my concentration. Finally dropped off at around three ish, only to be woken up again at five and six-thirty.

I've not slept a full night in a couple weeks, but this was the worst. Looks like I'm going to have to switch back to decaf.


Simon Kenton said...

Melatonin works pretty well, though as you start amping the dose up toward 9 mcg, you get some very weird dreams from it. Try starting at 3.

nappy40 said...

You think it's caffeine that's causing this?

Be said...

Nap: It's definitely work, but caffeine exacerbates the situation. I slept through Saturday and Sunday nights like a baby.


Simon: thanks for the melatonin idea...since I do deal with insomnia when I'm *not* having panic attacks or nightmares and I don't know if the usual valerian I take is so good for me, I'll look into that.