Wednesday, July 14, 2004

We're in the midst of a fiscal 'perfect storm:' pay period end, month end, quarter end, year end. In addition, have had some new reporting specs laid on us that need to be fleshed out and implemented *yesterday.* All this loose-end tying, plus reporting on 'boolean comparisons of variance causalities' and ungluing unfranked postage from interoffice envelopes has seriously cut into my blog time.

Few little things:

1.) Left my old umbrella in Canada to keep my bank card company. Picked up a new one at the Korean market in Union Square - Pucca and Garu. I like Pucca.

2.) My garden is *glorious.* Absolutely took off while I was away. Hal sent me some lovely images today; will be sure to post them.

3.) Texas Roadhouse needs a kosher menu.

Pablo didn't want me to mention it, as he's worried about how his drink choice would reflect on his manhood, but his strawberry margherita tasted like a melted popsicle.

If TGIF is 'Tchotskes,', would the Roadhouse be 'Flingers?'

3.) Is it a criminal offense to sell $.37 stamps for $.35 each? What would Thomas Pynchon have to say about this?

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