Thursday, July 29, 2004

Harold works as a designer for a service bureau downtown. Since he's right near Copley Square, he's had a chance to see some of the goings on around the DNC. On Monday, there were some pro Saddam protesters who would not move away from the front of his shop, so they were escorted by the police (Suppression of Dissent! Police State! Fascists!). Yesterday in Copley, he got to wander through a giant blow-up colon put in the square by some cancer awareness group. On leaving the colon, he was given a treat of some fresh fruit and orange juice. That's pretty nie.

Anyway, James Taranto of WSJ's Opinion Journal has been reporting live from Boston all week. Since apparently there's some serious media saturation (I heard that the ratio of reporters to delegates is something like 4:1), he's been wisely describing his travels to and from the Fleet Center and the freak shows encountered. Be sure to check out yesterday's report, too, where he recounts his meeting with some Naderites on the orange line.

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