Monday, January 09, 2012


It's interesting to see how much space in the French women's magazines is devoted to horoscopes, this being the land of Enlightenment and all. To be fair, in some (but certainly not the majority) of the American ones I've looked through, you'll have a little blurb on your sign from month to month. This is nothing compared to the French editors' fascination with the stars and their predictive abilities, though.  I can normally count on two supplemental booklets (one for the New Year, one for Summer vacation) plus other exposes on things like Numerology, I Ching...everything short of augury and necromancy, actually*.

New Year this year was a little different as I think the government is really pushing homeopathy right now.  As a result, the little supplement booklets I normally get with my detailed (and often contradictory) profiles were replaced with something telling me to consider alternative treatments for things like diabetes and depression. Was a little disappointed at first, but that feeling soon gave way to marvel when I looked over the cover articles of one publication:

 Right side, four down from the top:  Astro Mode.  Ce soir, je m'habille Lion ou Belier?  That is - Fashion by the Stars.  Tonight do I dress like a Leo or an Aries?

"For heaven's sakes," I thought, crossing myself.  "This is what I've been waiting for!  Here is my secret to losing some of that native frumpiness."

Wasted no time this time mulling over crafts or "recettes bluffantes," went straight to the money article, the pertinent to me parts of which are roughly as follows**:
Fashion by the Stars.

"It's a proven fact:  the Signs of the Zodiac influence our Fashion Sense.  But...for when the clock strikes Twelve...will I be feeling Aries or a Leo?
Air Signs:  You are a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.  The element Air evokes a Breath of Fresh Air, Light, Communication, Joie de Vivre.

Aquarius:  Originality in the form of a woman!  Ahead of her time, she's a style-maven nonpareil, a source of inspiration for others.  Her colors:  Black, White, Parme (Lavender,) Sky Blue."
- Modes et Travaux, January 2012.
 Following were pictures of three-inch stilettoes and lots of accessories in patent leather or vinyl.  Even if they did get it right about me horoscope-wise (yes, I am indeed an Inspirational Original, a Creative Force of Nature, Lightness, A Breath of Fresh Air), am not really sure about the dominatrix-wear as am more given to earth tones and sensible shoes.


* The latter two would be a great tie-in to a feature on cuisines du terroir, come to think of it.

** If you're interested in your astrological fashion profile, drop a line. Would be glad to share; just didn't feel like putting it all out here.


jo said...

I so adore these little missives from the land of "I want to visit the French countryside", with the reply of "It would be lovely if it were only for the French". *le sigh* It does amuse me that such a dogmatic, practical lot would put so much emphasis ( on the wrong syllable) on the ephemeral. Keep it coming - I rely on you to be our conduit.

Be said...

I'm often telling the Frenchie that I feel like Alice on the other side of the Looking Glass, you know.