Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Meadows.

This is becoming the default walk when we're slightly west of here and exercise time is limited. Like with the Mystic Preserve and the reservoir over near Alewife, it's always worth it to visit often, all year round.

Now's the time for greater contrasts and longer shadows due to the obliqueness of the sun's rays.


Local vegetation, already going out in a blaze of glory, seems further warmed by that gold light that one only sees this time of year.*


Saw a few birds: some coots, mallards and Canadas on the water. A crow, some swallows and (it was hard to tell) either yellow warblers or goldfinches with winter coloring in flight. We heard a downy woodpecker laughing at a joke that was clearly offending a mallard somewhere. Also, an odd call from what I thought to be a nuthatch**. Oh, saw a heron in the distance as well as some marsh wrens scritching around in the reeds.

Geese Overhead

Funny, but whenever I see a pair of geese in flight, I can't help but think of this poem.


* Here, it's gold in the Fall. Winter and Spring are pastels. Summer's primaries.

** Pavel said that it was too high pitched. Pitch aside, I think that it was the right cadence for a nuthatch.



Unknown said...

Really nice pictures.

Be said...

Gee, thanks. You know, in a place like this, I don't do anything. The pictures just seem to take themselves.