Friday, January 22, 2010

The Pale Flower of Spring Hill.

Magnolia with Prey

Daisy Magnolia. Daisy's what her original people called her. For whatever reason, the shelter she ended up at changed her official name to Magnolia. Pavel likes calling her Maggie, Mags or just Silly Maggie. I alternate between the simple 'girl kitty' and savoring the full four syllables of her pink flower name.

Brought her home last night with very little incident aside from a bit of totally-understandable miaowling in the car. First thing was to scope out a safe place under the bed, of course. After a minute or two, curiosity got the best of our heroine and she did a full exploration of the perimeter of the new living space.

Of course, the boys were fascinated. (This time around, I think that it's Tony who's got the crush. Trouble's interested, but not as obsessed with her as he was with Ampersand.) The girl is showing pointed disinterest towards them both.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I know for myself that have had the heart hooked. She's really a dear. Hope she grows happier here.


Jo said...

so adorable! My friend Heather named her cat Maggie because her husband is obsessed with Margaret Thatcher. I think it's hilarious.

Be said...

She's going to be running the house totally, just like Mme Thatcher.

Do you know the origins of the name "maggie" for cats or cows? (Big English thing.)