Monday, July 06, 2009


On leaving the doctor's office this afternoon, decided to turn in the opposite direction, partly for the sake of adventure, partly to lay up a stock of vitamin D for the upcoming days.

Shell Station Sign

Always loved this sign; am glad that it didn't get torn down as was threatened some time ago. Does it still light up?

Orange Milkweed

Orange Milkweed! The stuff that grows in my yard is a much more staid shade of mauve.

Okay, I'll Bite.

Okay, I'll bite: what the heck is "Educational Fairness?"


His Latin name is Mimus polyglottus, and what a polyglottal mime he was! We heard his impression of a robin, a titmouse, a cardinal, a couple bluejay calls, a catbird, a gull, a red winged blackbird and a flicker. (Those where the calls we could identify, anyway.)


Trash Day tomorrow (Somerville): Found Pavel standing over it, musing. "You know who'd really like this." "Do you want to carry it? If you'd like, I'll carry your groceries. Won't touch that. Oh, and you can't bring it into the house. Has bedbugs or fleas or God knows what written all over it." "Oh, I don't want to touch it. Why don't you just take a picture of it?"

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jo said...

Love it L-O-V-E I-T...who has a stuffed Boar's head in their house? come to think of it, it would be rather hilarious to hang on my kitchen
I miss our mockingbird.. he used to go up and down the wires every morning stopping at each house to sing his birds of the hood call.
I wonder why he didn't come back this year...but on a bright note, at LEAST 2 Hummingbirds!!! monarda baby....get the monarda (bee balm)