Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So, this afternoon, was making my way into Sullivan when was accosted by a TV reporter. Apparently, some female got mugged and stabbed nearby. Didn't think that I'd make any final cut, as I wasn't all like horrified about the incident - after all, Somerville ain't Utopia or anything, particularly the area that borders Charlestown. Turns out that they did use me at least for the web video.

Anyway, interviewer was so funny because he picked ME up and used all these leading questions (Are you CONCERNED about this incident?! Are you going to CHANGE your LIFESTYLE?!?!) I was all like, Yeah - marginally and No. It's the city, sh#t happens. Note that I'm not wearing an iPod here. He laughed at that all and just said that I was OK. Whatever. Seeing the video, I'm not too disappointed at the editing.

I honestly hope the woman he stabbed is okay. She was just defending herself, for crying out loud. Of course, I hope they get the guy. Eventually, I think they will. Still, this sort of stuff is annoying, and a large part of the reason why I don't go out much after dark (unlike when I lived in Eastie).

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