Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Put up a thistle sack this weekend. The finches seem to really like it.


Simon Kenton said...

They DO like it. Or at least they did. Ours was emptied by a bear and a fox when it had been up only a week. But it was wonderful to see that gold against the snow.

Be said...

Are you going to keep up feeding the birds, foxes and bears? I'd think the bears would have to hibernate eventually, wouldn't they? Or don't they bother with that anymore?

Happily we don't have to deal with bears (yet) in the city. I haven't seen any foxes yet - though at about 10 miles from here, a friend of mine sees them regularly. All we've got, aside from the squirrels, are possums, raccoons (not too many of them since the rabies zootic killed them off a few years ago), skunkies, coyotes. There used to be a lot of wild turkeys around - yes - even in the city - but my theory is that the coyotes are keeping that population in check now.