Thursday, April 27, 2006


"One reason that they are disdained is that usually they can never happen again. They can never taste the same, and good eaters do not wish to form any addictions that are hopeless from the start. Another trouble with them is that their recipes are almost impossible to write. The is no way to capture again the taste of a cupful of yesterday's sauteed mushrooms put at the last minute into a spinach soup because two more people turned up for supper."

- MFK Fisher.

In my fridge right now I have several lemon wedges, a nibble of swordfish, a few spoonfuls of fromage blanc, strawberries, salad and a couple sips of white wine left from last week. I guess it all could be combined to make a snack for a solitary me. How to do so in such a way as to not evoke the feeling of waking up late one morning to a breakfast of grilled swordfish and white wine, the taste of berries popped into each other's mouths as a sexy, silly, hasty dessert, the thrill felt when presented with a picturesque springtime dinner of fresh-boiled lobster with oysters prepared as if to win a girl's heart?

Oh, no. I don't want to get addicted to his câlins, to the memories conjured up by his leftovers in my fridge. What an expensive, complicated problem that would be. On the other hand, waste not want not, right? And, why not for a change think of something other than the the potential for getting hurt? How about I just move forward and see where a clean fridge and an open door to my heart might lead?

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