Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A friend told me that I seemed frighteningly buoyant today. Funny, but am trying my darndest to be a bit less down. Feels more like waterlogged flailing.

Vacation really didn't help much, either. In fact, it did more to exhaust and add to the stress of the life 'at home' than relax or refresh.

Spring's always been a tough one for me. I like the blossoms, the warmth, the musical bird canopies I pass under on the way to work. Graduation time depresses the hell out of me, though, and I wish I could be on the other side of the planet. Don't know if that would help ease the feeling of being wasted potential for not having left here like I was supposed to; probably not. All my stuff would still be here and I'd have to come back and get it.

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nappy40 said...

Maybe it's time for a move. A change of scenery.