Sunday, May 04, 2014

Better Late Than Never.

Started the squash seedlings; prepped up a 'test' to see if my tomato seeds are still viable.

Pulled norway seedlings and other undesirables out of the containers on the back porch. Planted peas, cukes, curly-leafed lettuce and a new (to me), hopefully bitter green: mustard spinach.
If the weather holds up, will turn the soil over out back and sow some wildflower seeds.

Am wondering if, instead of flowers in the front boxes, I might want to plant herbs. Cilantro, parsley, catnip and sage might all work out nicely in those long, shallow, rectangular containers. Might have to sow the dill elsewhere, though.

Am very pleasantly surprised that the kale planted 3-4 years ago continues to reseed itself.  Found in one of my containers a lush start to a lovely salad / stirfry season.  The plant with the saw-toothed leaves that is sharing space with my lovely kale is a dandelion, of course.  Those do NOT get pulled; they're one of my favorite potherbs.

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