Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This may seem like not much, but for me, it was a whole lot. Took time out for three proper meals at the right times today. Though I love to cook, and I'm considered a pretty decent cook at that, I'm not always a particularly healthy eater. Am generally not hungry at all. Followed the MFK Fisher How to Cook a Wolf plan and did as such:

-Breakfast: a cup of coffee and lots of buttered toast, something like four slices.. (Heavens, Toast is so good! I usually try to keep away from it - it seems a big no in all the weight-loss counsels I've heard. Carbs.)

-Lunch: a glass of tomato juice, a banana, a handful of nuts.

-Dinner: a couple cups of some leftover gumbo, a bowl of lettuce with black beans, a couple leftover breakfast sausages and some sprinkled dry cheese.

Of course, I take a couple vitamin supplements.

Food just doesn't taste good right now for whatever reasons (hormonal, I think). Just need to get the vitamins in me in as pleasant a manner as possible so my nails don't start splitting again and the hair doesn't start falling out.

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