Saturday, March 06, 2010

Works In Progress.

Have been so wrapped up in spinning lately that I've kind of left knitting a bit by the wayside here (not project wise, though). Anyway, this is what's been en chantier the past couple weeks:

Sherbet Semaphore

This is my little 'sherbet semaphore.' Ordinarily I don't go for this kind of yarn (and really, I shouldn't be spending money on nonessentials right now), but it looked so cheerful on the gloomy day stopped into the store. The pattern is called Baktus, a clever little thing, and well-suited for "mindless" knitting. I only really work on this when am watching a movie or being read to.

Heart Mitten

One of an eventual matched pair for Monsieur Scoot's mom. The pattern's from an ancient Family Circle knitting magazine, and it's called "Dutch Girl." The seed stitch pattern, though, reminds me of Guernsey sweaters. In any event, I really don't like working on anything that needs a twin, and really, really don't the yarn. (The lady these are meant for is allergic to wool, so I'm using a cotton blend from Rowan yarns.) Can't wait to get these out of my "to do" pile.

The last thing I'm working on is installment #2 of my New Year's resolution to knit a lace scarf or shawl a month. Like with January's project, it's been fun to watch this grow and take wing on the needles. Am using up a good bit of sock yarn from my stash, too, in denim blue and fuchsia variegated. Don't have a picture of it yet, as it's still on the needles (yep, running behind already), but that'll be remedied over the next day or so.

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