Monday, August 10, 2009

Cooking For Ampersand.

Don't let the scrawny, bedraggled look fool you; she's hell on wheels. Since coming back from the vet, she's regained some of her weight and all of her attitude.

Girl Cat

Have found that the shaved spots are great for giving raspberries. She really hates that.

Though medicine time is awful, it's not nearly as bad as it was at first. This compound is kind of messy but much harder to spit back than pills.

Anchovy Surprise

What ever pills need to be taken at that particular time (Usually - morning, 1 vetmedin, 1/2 benazapril, 1/2 lazik; evening, 1 vetmedin, 1/2 lazik, sometimes 1/4 children's aspirin.)

1/8 t. olive oil (am thinking of getting some cod liver oil to mix things up a bit)

1 dot (scant 1/16 t.) as low salt as possible anchovy paste

1.) grind pills with mortar and pestle, transfer powder to saucer
2.) stir in olive oil until a paste is made
3.) mix in anchovy paste; form into a small ball.

To serve: wrap cat in towel, put her on back between knees, turn head up and gently coax jaws open. Toss a bit of paste into maw and cover with hand. When this is swallowed, try to get another bit of paste in. Repeat until medicine is finished.
Cat may try to drool medicine (mine does, she's very stubborn), so expect to catch it to put back into play.

(Yes, this is the flower of my recipe development to date.)


Dr Bob said...

Glad the anchovy thing is working to some extent -- we used to put the paste in a syringe (no needle, obviously) and squirt between back teeth from the side (if that makes sense?).

Fight the good fight!

Be said...

I did get a syringe - am not getting the pills in fine enough powder for it to make it through the tip. The Frenchie says that he can make a wider-gauge one for me, so will try that (and am trying to get the powder finer).

Have to admit that I get a perverse pleasure out of feeding her manually. She's caught between hating me and actually liking how the stuff tastes.


Be said...

By the way - the stuff works great! I get about 85-90% into her, as opposed to half the meds before. Have also noted that the olive oil's working wonders for her coat (usually prone to mats and full of dandruff. It's now a lot shinier, softer, less tangled. Very little dandruff, too.) All things considered, she's doing pretty well. Loves the new food, too. Has an appetite like a horse, in spite of the weather.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you've found a way to give her her meds. Scamp only had a steroid and it was liquid. I cheated and put it in his food.

Cats are such amazing creatures! They can be so sick yet still bounce back and be full of life. Cheers Ampersand!

I'm copying your recipe in case Tootsie gets ill.