Monday, February 02, 2009

What goes better with a fake fur hat than a fake astrakhan scarf?

Fur, Astrakhan II

Monoprix Astrakan Brilliant - two balls for a short scarf that looks pretty sharp when wrapped around the neck twice and buttoned. Just cast 15 or so stitches onto some large-ish needles (I think I used 11s for this.) and knit till you're out of yarn.

I'm not much of a fan of novelty yarns, as I find the knitting dull and the pattern selection kind of limited. (Who would want a whole sweater of the above?) Fell under the spell of Monoprix's notions section (Good stuff! Relatively cheap, too! Not an easy thing to find in Euroland), though, and just had to have this along with a few other 'samples.' Interestingly enough, the attached button cost more than the yarn.

Ended up giving this to Raphaella for Christmas. Kept the hat, though.

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