Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'd been bugging the Frenchie to take me there for some time. This last visit, he finally gave in and drove me to Bougival for what was to be a more thrilling experience than Galeries Lafayette and Printemps combined.

We walked a bit around the campus, tried to make friend with some of the many itinerant cats we met and gazed on some of the views that inspired a number of impressionists back in their day.

Sisley's view of Bougival

Be's view.

Of course, we shopped. The Frenchie got himself another slide projector, as well as a book of the history of Suresnes (his city) from it inception to just after WWII. I found a book by Levy that I'd not read yet, a few trinkets and toys for friends, and about the grooviest bit of faience I've yet to come across:

10 plates for 16€! I've not been able to find them in the States for less than maybe $30/plate, oysters being a luxury item and all.

It also pleased me to think that the little bit that we gave in support of the organisation was probably better managed than at a lot of the equivalents here.

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