Saturday, April 28, 2007

Three phases of blood sugar meltdown in a girl who has a slow metabolism, is hypoglycemic and who also dissociates as soon as she feels something wrong with her:

1.) Stupidity

2.) Belligerence

3.) Dead Faint

Back in undergrad (eons ago), I had a problem with fainting fits: I'd get really abusive and incoherent, then I'd pass out. I didn't figure out until a fair bit later that, since I was working too hard (full courseload plus two jobs) and not feeding myself properly (a combination of poverty and unwillingness to take the time out to eat) that I was starving myself. The upside to all this was that, my Freshman Nine (and then some) was a net loss.

Straight anorexia hurting too much, I started "manger comme quatre" and making myself throw up afterwards. My GI is a mess, but my teeth are still okay (¡ojala!).

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