Friday, January 12, 2007

Last week, while searching for a few centimes among the pennies, nickels and dimes in my change purse, I found a T-token. These have become quite the little nostalgia pieces since MBTA "upgraded" to the Chahlie Cahd system recently, so mon ami du loin (who from here on in will be known as Kleber) offered to turn mine into a bit of jewelry.

Since the little jeton turned out so well, I asked him to transform another bit of outmoded currency into a memento:

Francs having been superseded by Euros, I now wear my sparkling little Marianne argentée (Yup, a real silver piece. Had to buff the heck out of it because it was nearly black from tarnish) tied around the neck with some organza ribbon.

A girl can do far worse than have a friend with a drillpress in his workshop.

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