Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Place.

A grotto in the gardens at Versailles. It's on my desktop now, as I find myself myself returning there quite a lot; especially after staff meetings.


"You've got to get out, and get out as soon as possible, Be. If you stay here, you're going to rot. Leave here already, would you?"

-something my boss said to the other day.

(Believe me, I agree 100% with this. It's just a matter of where I end up landing after I make the leap.)



I'd do so if I could decide which was more panic-worthy:

That I'm no longer denying the increased intensity of feelings towards a certain someone or

That in a weak and emotional moment I actually admitted this to my someone.

Oh, for the peace that dissociation would bring.

(From Grimpen Mire)

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