Tuesday, July 18, 2006


We were right on the outskirts of Paris - with the Bois de Boulogne separating us from the Big, Bad City.

This is about as close as I ever like to get to the Eiffel Tower. Not an unreasonable distance: mon ami lives about as far from it as I do the Bunker Hill monument.

Right behind where we could look at Paris is the American Cemetery, a largely World War I monument with a memorial to the Unknown Americans killed in World War II.

Beside this is the Eternal Flame lit for those hostages killed in WWII by the Nazis in retaliation for attacks by the Résistance.

Some Suresnois rooftops. Nothing major or breathtaking, just pleasantly different.

The Lady of the House. I'm ruled by cats; my host takes his directive from a small, fifty-year-old tortoise named Corrina. I really enjoyed getting to know her.

Located perhaps 1/3 the way between Paris and Versailles, DKGE's neighborhood was close enough to the city to be convenient and far enough away to not feel crowded. Blackbirds, turtledoves and nightengales serenaded us constantly from the overgrown secret garden in the back; Madame Corrina monitored our comings and goings (along with the status of the plums ripening on the trees) in the front of the house. It was a wonderful place to come home to after a long day out.

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Sissy Willis said...

Cherchez la femme! Wonderful photojournalism, dahling. :)