Sunday, March 04, 2018

Passer Mortuus Est. *

I'm not one to get all upset over "songbirds" such as the fetishizers on the Audubon websites seem to be: it's a nomenclature based on brain structure (aka passeriformes), like with many things, used for emotional effect. Many of the Songbirds in my backyard, in fact, are what's known as both Nuisance Wildlife and Invasive.
This said: had the upsetting case today, where the black cat brought in an Invasive bit of Nuisance Wildlife* to finish off. Didn't occur to me that the Poor Thing wasn't a toy until I separated her from it.
Since the injuries were such that Heroic Measures would have only prolonged his misery, I had to take him outside and kill him myself, before giving the little guy a decent burial.
Came back in and had a good cry.

* * Male House Finch - invasive to the NE USA; crowd out the other, native, less aggressive finches

Friday, March 02, 2018

Stormy Weather.

At its start, the storm didn't feel like it was going to be a terribly powerful one.  As the day progressed, however, the wind certainly picked up strength.  For the first time in a good while (a decade, at least), lost power for more than a few minutes. 

After about 1/2 a day, things switched back on.  It's still kind of raging out there, though.  And the next Spring tide will be coming in, soon, which will cause more problems.

Took a short walk around the neighborhood to see the extent of damage.  Was whipped about a fair bit by the wind:  Big girl that I am, who knows  how to keep steady in wind, needed at a couple points to grab a lamp post to not be blown into the street.  Kind of scary, kind of exhilarating.  Not anything I'd want to be out in for an extended period, though.

Thinking good thoughts for all the folks who had to evacuate due to the tides.  For all the First Responders, all the Folks keeping us safe, clearing downed branches, getting our electricity back up, helping to back up an already overtaxed infrastructure.  

Romantic Mood Lighting:  as everything here's dependent on electricity, just prepped up a simple snack of cheese, pickles, crackers, tinned fish.  The big treat was braving the elements for a warm drink from Dunkin:  meh.  Power finally did come on; rested in candle light for a bit, though, as it was so relaxing.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weighty Issues.

Rang in the New Year overweight, as always, and, as always, Sad.  That was the main impetus for Dry January.  Well, that, and the fact that, if I shed problems like onion skins, I'd get to the root of Things.

Don't know that that's what's happening, but do know that not drinking alcohol leads to wanting to cut back on caffeine, which leads to a whole bunch of other things.

In one of my stronger, more inspired moments of late, opened a box containing a journal dating back from 2012, where I found myself 20 lbs lighter than I am now ... Fretting about how I needed to lose 10 lbs.

I've always been chunky.  I probably always will be.  Doesn't mean that I'm not healthy or athletic; just means that I am Bigger than what current aesthetics dictate.

Let's us not worry so much about weight / being thin, and worry more about the body chemistry issues.  Cholesterol is fine, but could be better.  Blood sugar is fine.  Blood pressure is only high when I stress out over going to get it checked.

This is me back in 2009 - same as in 2012, when I was all upset over things.  2018 me *loves* this portrait of me, chunky as I may be.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mating Season?

I'm a middle-aged woman, hewing pretty closely to the stereotypical image, at least in appearances, maybe, of the ladies of my area.  As such, such banter is rare for me to encounter, especially in this day and age.  Still:  Spring was in the Monday Afternoon Air, and it Felt Good.

Anyway, had been craving a veggie sandwich on (hopefully) sourdough; ended up with a very nice baguette instead.  Along with a beautifully ripe avocado, a good-smelling tomato, some cheese and carrots to grate up, a small luxury jar of cornichons, a can of garbanzos in case hummus might be necessary.  Stood in line with my purchases, when, suddenly, an older gentleman* stepped in line in front of me.

Me - ...

Gentleman:  "Sorry.  I forgot my wallet.  Need to pay, you know."

Me - ... "(slow:  very tired, and, funnily enough, when I find someone attractive looking I get tongue tied).  *Mumble* - I forget my wallet all the time.  My keys, too."

Gentleman gets his item rung up.  "Oh Wow!"  It was one cabbage - granted, an organic, hand raised, grass-fed cabbage.  Still:  it cost $8+.  "That's okay.  I can afford it.  Life is Good.  I am looking forward to my cabbage."

Me - deadpan - "Brassicas are worth their weight in gold, sir."

Gentleman - "I'm sorry?  What did you just say?"

Me - "Brassicas are worth their weight in gold, Sir."

Gentleman - "What?  What?  What do you mean?"

Me - "Brassicas, you know:  Cabbages, broccoli, cau-lee-flower.  Kale."

Gentleman - "Yes, yes, I know, but:  how does a young woman like you know such a word?  You must be very, very intelligent.  You are young, And Smart!  For knowing such a big word."

Me - "Brassica is a relatively short word (gesture an inch with my thumb and forefinger).  I know longer ones than that."

Gentleman -  "So young and so intelligent !"  (He kept repeating this!  It was weird!)  Started telling me about the cooperative he managed for years, and about, how one could go to the market and find cabbages of the same size for $.35.

Me - "Wholesale, I'm assuming.  At the market in Chelsea?  Of course they'd be less expensive.  You've got an organic / hand nurtured one from a Cambridge retail establishment.  Give it a couple weeks, though, and you'll see the prices go down on conventional ones."

Gentleman - looking at me directly, now. "Or for free.  In my garden. ... again ... how does such a woman know such a word?  You haven't told me."

Me - ....  "I like to eat them.  (Folks in line were getting restless).  Thank you, Sir, and enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.  Also:  enjoy that lovely example of Cruciferous Gold."

Housemate said he liked the "Cruciferous Gold" touch.  Determined that the fellow wasn't so much chatting me up as expressing surprise at my being not so dumb as I look.  

* Older for me.  I'm a relatively well-preserved woman in her late-mid 40s.  He was somewhere between mid 50s / 60s.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Classics is starting to look better and better.

Think that the Secret History of Empress Theodora is sounding far more interesting than current postulation onTom Ashbrook's Public History.  

Maybe I do need to get my Greek Up. 

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Food for thought.

From my hippie tea tag line tonight:  ain't it the truth, though.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

As bemusing as it is to see "Game Day" become another merchandising holiday along the lines of Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc, I will admit to appreciating the sales. Since the local grocery store had, among other things, avocados at a ridiculous price, gave in and took a distribution on my 403(b) to stock up.

Sitting here, gazing at my pile of Green Gold, cannot help but feel like I beat the system ... not unlike an investor in Bitcoin, or Precious Metals. I'm thinking of my avocados as having Intrinsic Value, like what the guy on the radio commercial says about gold. Unlike gold, however, their value isn't immutable. I'm going to have to figure out a way to store/use these things that have a habit of turning to compost all at once.

Love my green smoothies and guacamole. Could live on avocado toast. Not crazy about the eggs baked in the half-fruit that was all the rage on the internet a while back. Read somewhere that they could be used to make a particularly rich chocolate cake.

Any other recommendations / recipes would be welcome, along with storage tips.